There are only a few places in the world, which are truly untouched and Botswana definitely ranks high among them. Animals roam freely and there are no fences, the landscape changes from saltpan deserts to a lush, flooded wildlife utopia within mere kilometres.

Botswana is a large country in size, but has only a population of just over 2 million people. In these sparsely populated lands, nature reigns supreme.

Expect elephants crossing the road or lions roaring passed your tent at night. The two dominating landscapes are the Kalahari Desert in the central and southern part and the Okavango Delta in the north. The latter is flooded each year by mountain rains rushing in from Angola and is exploding with an unmatched plethora of wildlife, the ultimate hotspot for an African safari.

In the northeast, the largest elephant and buffalo herds in Africa roam Chobe National Park, while active meerkats are the main attraction in the endless nothingness of the Magkadagkadi Pans. Travel to Botswana with AMADI and include it in your very own Africa tour, combining it with neighbouring South Africa.


Truly Wild

One of the wildest, untouched wilderness areas can be explored in the Okavango Delta

Truly Remote

Limited access guarantees authentic nature experiences

Truly Diverse

Diverse landscapes from the Kalahari to the Magkadagkadi Pans and the Chobe National Park

Truly Romantic

Perfect romantic honeymoon destination, completely off the beaten track


Visas & Immigration

You require a valid passport, Emergency Travel Documents are not accepted. Please note the restrictions for parents travelling with children. Please check with the Botswana embassy in your home country which countries do not require a visa and details regarding birth certificates for children, also when travelling via South Africa.

Currency & Payment

The currency of Botswana is Pula. We do, however, recommend to have some US dollars in small denominations on you for tips and smaller purchases, it will be accepted widely (make sure you carry notes that were printed after 2007). For payments at hotels and lodges, we recommend credit cards (mainly MasterCard and Visa).

Health & Vaccinations

Should you have travelled to or through a yellow fever infected country, you must present a international health certificate of vaccination for yellow fever when entering Botswana. Please check the list of countries on the homepage of the World Health Organization.



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