Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park

In the northeast of Botswana, Chobe National Park is a wildlife paradise known for some of the largest elephant and buffalo herds in the world. The landscape is forged by the river of the same name, grass plains und bush, all dotted by the occasional palm tree.

Just north of the Okavango Delta lies Botswana’s other major wildlife area, the Chobe National Park. Get ready to witness the largest elephant and buffalo herds in the world, immerse in the spectacles between predator and prey and admire the myriad of bird species. Characterized by vast plains dotted with game like zebra and antelope, ruptured by wide waterways and bordered by the eponymous river. The Chobe is a place where you go on a boat cruise in the sunset and suddenly a huge elephant bull emerges from the water next to you or a pod of hippos noisily complain about your presence. Expect to see even more animals on land, when you venture out on game drive through this untouched wilderness. Two areas of the Chobe National Park – Savuti and Linyanti – are especially famous and have starred in many spectacular wildlife documentaries. Access to the park is easy and seamless as most travellers either come from the Okavango Delta in the south or Kasana and Victoria Falls in the northeast.


Home to world-famous wildlife areas like Savuti and Linyanti

Water and land based experiences like river cruises and game drives

Largest elephant and buffalo herds in the world

Vast plains and pans border the mighty Chobe River



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