Namibia lets you breathe, lets you stare, lets you wonder. It’s here where you’ll be enchanted with the countless Namibian surprises. Whether it’s the highest – and probably most photographed – sand dunes in the world, the moon-like semi-desert landscapes in the Damaraland, the mirage created by the salt pans next to thick bush in Etosha National Park or the off-the-beaten-track Atlantic coast. Ideal as a self-drive destination, it is not common not to see another vehicle or human for hours. Here you will live your very own dream of ultimate freedom.

Namibia is a big country (three times the size of the United Kingdom), but only has a population of around two million people. Believe it or not, but only Mongolia has less inhabitants per square kilometre. Where is Namibia? In Southern Africa, bordering South Africa, Botswana and Angola. Windhoek is the capital, where most Namibia adventures start and end.

Most people think of safari when they think of Namibia as well as deserts or dunes. What truly makes Namibia special, however, is the unlimited space, the diverse landscape and the untouched wilderness. Here you are welcomed by free-roaming wildlife, thousands of kilometres of nothingness and always changing scenery as you go along and it’s so much more than an African safari.

Explore the south with the red dunes of Sossusvlei and small towns like Swakopmund, before looking for the rare desert-adapted elephants  and rhinos or ancient rock art in the mesmerizing Damaraland. The flagship of Namibia’s national parks, Etosha, awaits with the Big Four (there are no buffalos) and the Skeleton Coast with old shipwrecks, a photographer’s paradise. We at AMADI will make sure you will make the most of your time in Namibia.


Ideal for a self-drive adventure

The infrastructure is good and it is relatively easy to navigate from one destination to the next.

Ultimate feeling of freedom

Drive for hours without seeing another car or person and enjoy kilometres of untouched wilderness.


Climb some of the highest dunes in the world and reward yourself with the most stunning vistas.

Etosha National Park

Surrounding a huge salt pans, a plethora of animals roam freely in bushveld and open grasslands.

Travel Information

Passport & Visas

Travellers from most countries are not required to obtain a visa when entering Namibia. This includes most European countries, the USA and Canada as well as Australia. Please check with the Namibian embassy or consulate in your home country, if your country is on the list. The general requirements are to have a valid passport (for at least six months and two blank pages) and sometimes onward travel documents.

Currency & Payment

The currency of Namibia is the Namibian Dollar. Since Namibia is a neighbouring country of South Africa and they have close economic ties, the Namibian Dollar is fixed to and equals the South African Rand. You can therefore legally pay with South African Rand in Namibia, but please note that this doesn't work the other way around, so you can't pay Namibian Dollars in South Africa. ATMs and exchange bureaus are widely present and credit cards are widely accepted, especially in hotels and lodges.



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