If you are a big fan of aesthetics, you’ll love Sossusvlei. This is nature at its best: painting a picture of the most beautiful colours, lines and shadows. The striking sand dunes mount up to 325 metres and – depending of the time of day – appear in the most magical light and hues.

While we are describing a whole area in the Namib-Naukluft National Park as Sossusvlei, it’s strictly speaking only one certain salt and clay pan surrounded by the iconic dunes. This is an utopia for instagrammers and selfie-lovers, quite understandably, there are few places that create a more perfect light and background as Sossusvlei.

The aesthetics of the sharp but yet softly winding edges of the orange dunes, creating starkly contrasting shadows below the big open blue sky are second to none. One of the most popular attractions is the Deadvlei, a dry salt pan with a number of dead trees, enhancing the above description of photogenicity even more.

The humongous sand dunes all have names, some quite boring like Dune 45, some a bit more creative like The Big Daddy Dune. They might look pretty and easy to climb up at first, but as always in life, don’t be fooled by looks.


Ideal Self-Drive destination

Ideal self-drive stop on your Namibia adventure

Beautiful and Iconic Sand Dunes

Some of the highest in the world at 325 metres


A photographer’s paradise: landscape and lighting are superb

Hiking up the dunes is a welcome exercise after a long drive



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