The Seychelles are the epitome of an island paradise and of your personal Robinson Crusoe experience. Whether you want to seek refuge with your better half on a romantic honeymoon or just want a digital detox between sunbathing and water sports, this Indian Ocean utopia is just for you.

Where is Seychelles? Just off the coast of Southern Africa. Did you know that this archipelago consists of 115 islands? So it’s not just A Seychelles island, it’s 115 times crystal clear water, sandy beaches and lush rainforest vegetation. A stay in this remote paradise is barefoot luxury at its best, where you fully submerge into an ocean of tranquillity and reconnection.

The Seychelles are private and secluded, so perfect for some quality time for yourself or with friends and family. Get away from the crowds and look for your own little spot under the picturesque palm trees leaning over paper white beaches. The sand merges with warm turquoise water, while the bays are sheltered by huge boulders with mountainous lush vegetation as the backdrop.

Soak up the legendary sunsets and get into a rhythm of a good night’s sleep, fresh food and a balance between relaxation and activities. The main island Mahé is where you will venture out onto your final destination. Check out the different islands on our Seychelles map below. We at AMADI will choose the perfect Seychelles resorts for you and make the most of your time in this Indian Ocean paradise.


Beach Paradise

Ultimate island paradise in the Indian Ocean

A Honeymooner's Dream

Ideal for a romantic honeymoon or quality time with friends or family

Scuba diving hotspot

The underwater world boasts beautiful corals and whale sharks

Diverse Landscape

Lush vegetation meets white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water

Travel Information

Passport & Visas

There are no visa requirements for the Seychelles, no matter what country you are from. A valid passport, a return ticket and proof of accommodation and sufficient funds for the duration of the stay might be asked for upon arrival. The visitor's permit is valid for one month. Please check with the Seychelles embassy or consulate in your home country, should you still be uncertain.

Currency & Payment

The currency of the Seychelles is the Seychellois rupee (SCR). Credit cards are widely accepted and there is an array of ATMs and exchange bureaus at the airport and on the main island, should you want to exchange foreign currency. Please make sure to re-exchange any rupees at the end of your trip, as it is illegal to export more than 2000 rupees out of the Seychelles.

Health & Safety

Good news! No yellow fever vaccinations or other immunisation is required, unless you are travelling from a affected area. Otherwise the Seychelles are free from malaria and cholera.



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