Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe mesmerize. It is one of those Natural Wonders (one of Seven by the way) that leave us human beings in awe and teach us the overwhelming grandeur of nature. The origin of Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River, is an attraction in itself, with a myriad of beautiful experiences.

Most travellers go to Victoria Falls for one particular reason: to see the overpowering waterfalls, over a hundred metres deep and almost a staggering two kilometres wide. As fascinating as they are – and surprisingly not too touristy – there is a lot more to see in and around this small town in the northwest of Zimbabwe.

If you don’t feel like doing much and just want to have a beer or a pizza, go to one of the cool hangouts in town or take a ride in a traditional tram across Victoria Falls Bridge. Be aware after dark, however, it is not uncommon that a small herd of buffalo might cross the road, or a lioness is snoozing in the bushes.

This doesn’t come as a surprise: Zambezi National Park is right at your door step and explorers can venture out to spot wildlife on a scintillating game drive. The ‘wild factor’ of Victoria Falls doesn’t stop here though; our favourite experiences in the area all happen on and on the banks of the Zambezi River, home to humongous hippopotamus and creepy crocodiles. Watch the sunset on a dinner cruise, cook your own traditional Southern African dish in a cooking class or float down the Zambezi in a raft boat – you might even spot elephants splashing in the background.


Natural World Wonder

One of the Seven Natural World Wonders

Surprisingly Wild

Spot wildlife in Zambezi National Park, on the Zambezi River or even when you just cross the street in town

Surprisingly Delectable

Victoria Falls is a culinary hotspot: Indulge in local and international cuisine

Africa’s Experience Capital

Abundance of romantic and adventurous activities



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