April 1, 2020

When To Travel To The Okavango Delta

Nature lover? Botswana is the ideal destination for those who are seeking to be engulfed by nature. A top destination for spectacular wildlife watching awaits you between the countless twisted waterways of the Okavango Delta and the unique fascinations of the African bush. Here, I will let you all in on when the best time to travel to the Okavango Delta is. The best time to travel to the Okavango Delta depends on what you want to gain for the experience. We generally recommend a trip between March and May. The temperatures are pleasant during these months and the water levels in the delta rises continuously. Below, I have categorized the climates and months accordingly for an easy over view:

Rainy season (November to April):


Known as the Green Season, apart from January and February, you can expect afternoon showers. Many of our clients appreciate this season most, because plentiful baby animals see the light of day, which means more big cats come out to play. In addition, the Okavango Delta is teeming with migratory birds between November and April. If you are on a tighter budget, most luxury accommodations do have tempting special offers available for the Green Season, which makes travelling to this truly wild destination more of a reality.


Dry season (May to September):


There are fewer mosquitoes in Botswana in winter and spring, which reduces the risk of malaria. The water levels in the Okavango Delta reaches its peak in the dry season, more precisely around August. This may sound unusual at first, but is easy to explain: the water masses that fill the delta rush down from Angola and fill the Okavango River. The water volume in the delta is therefore not related to the local rainy season. Those who are primarily interested in water-based activities such as Mokoro safaris should definitely travel to the Okavango Delta in the dry season.




Experienced travellers in Africa know that October is notorious as “Suicide Month”. This is due to the almost unbearably high temperatures that can soar up 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit). Since most camps and lodges run off-the-grid in the delta, there are no air conditioning systems, so you should be used to tropical conditions to master the weather.

Are you wondering how do I find the right accommodation in the Okavango Delta?


Just as with the ideal travel time, your ideas of safari activities play a key role in the selection of lodges and camps. Depending on the location, game drives, bush walks, Mokoro safaris and boat tours are offered. In some regions of the delta you can do all the activities, however if you are interested in a wild life packed safari, your choice should fall on the Khwai concession or Chief’s Island.

No longer dream of adventurous wildlife viewing in the world’s largest inland delta and book your dream trip with us. Explore hippos, elephants, leopards and hundreds of other species in the wild away from all civilizations. Let our travel experts put together a non-binding offer for you today. The untouched wilderness of Botswana is waiting for you.

Image Courtesy: Sanctuary Retreats // Natural Selection



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