April 1, 2020

Four Reasons Why You Should Travel to Madagascar

Do you know what the fourth largest island in the world is? Not that bigger is necessarily better, but when it comes to an island that boasts some of the most unique landscapes, where 80% of its animal and plant species are endemic and which is both a beach and adventure paradise – we might have to disagree. We are talking about Madagascar. While most of you probably associate Madagascar with a famous animated movie, it is not exactly a bucket list destination for most travellers yet. So if you are looking for a completely off-the-beaten-track natural paradise, Madagascar is just for you. The island state is located off the south-eastern coast of Africa and a mere 4-hour flight away from big hubs like Johannesburg and easily accessible. If this short intro isn’t already enough to convince you to consider this cultural melting pot for your next Africa trip, let us tell you in more detail why you should travel to Madagascar.

1. The Unknown Beach Paradise


This mega island is 2,000 km long and has almost 5,000 km of coastline. Therefore it comes with no surprise that there are many breathtakingly beautiful beaches, surrounded by emerald forests. Turtles visit the shores, dolphins and whales appear in its waters revelling in the crystal clear water of this wonderland. You can even take a kayak off to explore the neighboring islands. This paradise is truly picturesque and demands that you bask in its beauty. There are quite a few conservation projects as well to protect marine wildlife and the various national parks with its unique forests, rock formations and savannas.


2. Its Landscape And Diversity Are Unmatched


One of the reasons Madagascar is a bucket-list destination is because it baffles the mind due to its diverse environment. Lush forests, towering mountain ranges, dry bleached salt pans and remarkably strange rock formations all found on this one incredible island. Tsingy de Bemaraha is a geologist’s dream. Here you find astonishing rock formations designed by nature through erosion. You can walk through this limestone forest creating an unusual visual and tactical experience.


3. Its Wild Inhabitants Are Even More Unique


Lemurs, chameleons and fossas. Left in isolation Madagascar has developed its own cosmos of wonderful and peculiar creatures. It’s home to over 200,000 different wildlife species and more than 10,000 plant species, of which over 90% of these are found nowhere else on earth! Every unique animal adds to the charm of this wonderful island. The chameleons alone are infinitely fascinating, they range from the size of a fingernail to 68 cm with different colours and varieties. They are like the living formation of a rainbow. There are over 100 types of lemurs and these adorable creatures are the embodiment of this unique island. They have cheeky personalities and an animated appearance, with their long tails and their curious eyes, it’s hard not to love them.

4. A Cultural And Culinary Melting Pot


Apart from the island’s amazing scenery and animal life, Madagascar is also a melting pot of diverse cultures and traditions. With more than 18 different ethnic groups, the Malagasy culture is a blended mix of African, Arab and Indian origin with some of the friendliest locals in all of Africa. They wear traditional dress called ‘lamba’. The combination of this blissful demeanour and their vivid attire makes for a jovial impression.

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Image Courtesy: Time + Tide // Constance Tsarabanjina



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